VIT Fashion Institute of Technology (VFIT)


About VFIT

VIT Fashion Institute of Technology is one of the specialized off-shoots offering fashion education, where technology is being used to create uniqueness in blending the tradition and the modern designs. Earlier, dressing was intertwined with culture and every culture had a unique set of attire worn by the ethnic group. VFIT introduces Tech-Couturism to its students, a bridge between Technology and Couture which is the need of fashion design and technology. The School aims to impart quality fashion education to nourish the young minds with knowledge of fashion and teach them the nuances in this profession. The prime focus of the school is to build its stakeholders not just master the subjects but focus on the overall development of an individual with creative thinking into a fashion professional and more.


VFIT is dedicated to be an outstanding supporter of highly responsive and excellence in fashion through a strong emphasis on comprehensive education and training. The school focuses on the major goals, producing competitive graduates for the industries and society on par with global standards by providing quality education in fashion and technology.


To instil interest among the students and prepare for professional excellence in design through stimulating knowledge, talent and attitude that continuously progress the standard of living of an individual.
To ensure that individuals with fosters creativity and spread over their knowledge in the development of globally competitive fashionable products that provides growth, sustainability and opportunities for the stakeholders.

Programme Educational Objectives

  • Impart rigorous practical knowledge, techniques and skill in the field of textile, fashion design and technology.
  • Graduates will have transnational perspective on fashion design concepts, consumer trends, quality, intelligent wearable technologies through digital tools and smart materials.
  • Graduates will be imbibed with knowledge on fashion design concepts and pertinent technology elements, thus providing a strong platform for entrepreneurship.